UniSwarm is a startup specialized in hardware solutions for robotics.

Company was created in January 2019. We provide robotics controller for motion control, sensors, power management...

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Clermont-Ferrand is known for rugby, its tire manufacturing but also for robotics. Indeed, we have a laboratory specialised in mobile robotics with a small city for autonomous vehicles tests : Institut Pascal.

UniSwarm keeps closed relation with this research center to understand robotics needs of academic and industrial worlds.

29 rue Georges Besse
63100 Clermont-Ferrand


After many years and success in the associative world, the creator of Robotips decided to create a company to push that work to the industry.

The process of creation was followed by BUSI incubateur.

In January 2019, the company is officialy created and take place in Pascalis, a great place for startups.

One month later, we obtains a partership with Farnell and being part of authorized design partner for Microchip.

Uniswarm logo