uBoards : Interconnected robotics boards

uBoards is a range of electronic boards to control your robot.

Robot motion control Motors USS Smart Sensors UPM Power management M M M M UDT Development tools Development PC USB Embedded computersinterface board (PI, industrial computer...) UUC ยต Computing Embedded computer External items Your project UMC Motion control Accelerometer Rangefinder Debugger Battery monitoring, powerswitches ... Batteries Sensors boards (distance,inertial measurement unit ...)

One bus to rule all boards

Different options are available to connect boards. You can choose a specific bus to operate with your existing system. Some boards are compatible with multiple types of buses.

Boards can exchange data directly and be driven from a computer.


Smart motor control boards that embed motion control, sensors and power.

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Various sensors easily connectable to the rest of your robot.

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Power management system.

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Inpouts Outputs, digital or analog for various simple interfaces.

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Embedded computer interface for various market products.

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Developer tools to debug, program and configure all products.

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A range of compact boards that integrate all you need to have a functional robot.

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