Micro Computing

Advanced processing tasks such as Artificial Intelligence, image processing, and Graphical User Interface are not typically handled by low-level systems. These processes are better suited to be run on embedded computers, which provide the necessary processing power and resources to handle these complex tasks.

UniSwarm Micro Computing (UUC) is a range of products designed to easily connect embedded computers to UniSwarm buses. These products provide a bridge between embedded computers and the UniSwarm products, enabling communication and control of the UniSwarm products through the embedded computers.

The UUC range of products is a great option for customers who need to integrate UniSwarm products into their existing systems and want to use embedded computers to control and communicate with the UniSwarm products. With UUC, customers can easily connect their embedded computers to UniSwarm buses and gain full control and monitoring capability over their UniSwarm products, making it perfect for robotics systems.


UUC schematics


Reference Platform Type Iso.
UUC1PIFR-I Raspberry Pi 3/4 (+) CAN Fd, RS485 1 kV
UUC1PICR Raspberry Pi 3/4 (+) CAN, RS485 -