Custom board design

A complete custom board design is very expensive in term of time and money. We offer an unique solution of partial redesign from our product catalogue.

The board design cost you less compared to a complete design and you have access to the generic firmware for free.


  • 4 motors 15A
  • 4 quadrature encoder interfaces
  • CAN + RS485 + UART
Generic usage, more expensive

Your specialised board

  • 3 motors 20A
  • 6 quadrature encoder interfaces
  • CAN only
Specific usage, less expensive to produce in large quantity

Firmware service

You need a specific protocol or a particular control for your robot? If you do not have time to implement it we can do it for you.

If you are agree to put it in the open source world, we offer you an exclusive discount.

Our automated SMD lines in our factory is used for our products assambly and also for customers own boards.

An opportunity for you to made your boards in France with a valuable proximity.